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Beta Testers

Zplax! is currently in a pre-release beta testing phase. Anyone is invited to download and test the game. Beta testers that provide significant constructive feedback will become eligible for a free registration code. More information for beta testers can be found here.



When the game is released you will be able to register online here. Registration allows you to submit your scores online and change skins.



The Story

You are on an island with a big crater in the middle of it. It looks like a nice tranquil lake of watery stuff. Unfortunately where there are craters there is lava and it is about to overcome the island and take you with it. Sitting on top of the lava is a column of coloured ball looking things. In fact they are attracting the lava. The watery stuff is keeping the lava in check. You are in a rather precarious situation however you can do something about it - you have a big gun!


Game Play

Zplax! is a shooting puzzle game in three dimensions where you need skill and speed to do well. The simple game play appeals to all ages. Pit your skills against others by submitting your scores online. Download additional skins for a fresh look to the game.


Download (version 1.0 beta3  - 2 Apr 05)

Click here to download and start Zplax! using Java Web Start  This is currently the recommended method as it will ensure you get the latest version.

Alternately you can go to the installer page if you want to do a full installation. Installers are included for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. For the beta version only the windows installer has been fully tested.

You will need a 1.4.2 or later compatible version of Java to play Zplax!. If you have not got one visit java.com to get the latest version. 


Zplax! is distributed with two skins. The default skin and a more basic one. More skins will be posted here when they become available. Developers can find out more information on how to make a skin here.

Hi Scores

Hi Scores can be found here. Note that while we are in the Beta Testing phase this feature is disabled.

More Information

See the help file for more information on how to play the game.


During the beta testing phase you can e-mail me at zplax_AT_alistairdickie.com (replace _AT_ with @). A forum is coming.



Copyright (c) Alistair Dickie 2005 - All Rights Reserved